List of Best Digital Marketing Tools That Can Make You Expert in 2022

Digital Marketing Tools

As we all know the importance of digital marketing in today’s digital Era 2022. We saw the power of digital marketing courses in the pandemic of covid-19. In that situation, everything is staying down as per the condition of that time, But one of the best and growth professions in a pandemic is digital marketing. Everything was closed at that time, only digital works were there. So, now we all know digital marketing. We learn many concepts in digital marketing such as SEO, SMM, Content Writing, and much more. One more important resource in digital marketing agencies or for professions as well as, that is we all are dependent on digital marketing tools. Such as if we do keyword research so we need a tool if we want to create any design so we need a tool, etc.

In this particular blog post, we shared the list of digital marketing tools, which help you to resolve your problems. Here are some of the free tools and some are paid. So you can choose as per your requirements.

Top 8 List of Digital Marketing Tools Which Enhance Your Traffic.

1. Canva


  • Canva is a powerful design tool for a website. This tool helps creators to create many attractive designs. It is a very useful tool for those who are social media influencers or creators.
  • It helps users to create videos, social media posts, and attractive youtube thumbnails which can impress their audience. This tool is very easy to use. This tool has both free and paid versions, you can use both free and paid both as per your requirements.
  • They constantly update their features and you will never feel bored while using them. Even you can use it on your mobile device as well. This tool is one of the best digital marketing tools ever, for designing purposes also.
  • Best for infographics, this tool is best for infographics. Infographics are an excellent way to represent your information to users. After all, they include a lot of information content into small designs that are easy to understand.
  • Most infographics are used in Pinterest marketing which is a part of digital marketing. Using infographics you can redirect your social media audience to your website or youtube channel to deliver detailed information.

2. Google Keyword Planner ( SEO, Google ads- Keyword Research)

Keyword Planner

  • One of the best digital marketing tools for keyword research is produced by Google. These tools are powerful tools for those who are doing content writing for their blog or clients.
  • Best for google ads runner, this tool is used to research keywords to run google ads. It helps to find the right keyword to target the right audience. This tool helps content writers to create ranking-based content.
  • This tool is also used from an SEO perspective. It helps bloggers who write Blogspot for providing information to the users. So, before writing a blogpost need good research about topics and keywords for ranking the content. This tool helps you to research keywords for ranking.
  • It is a google product so you can use it freely to research, but now it is connected to Google Adwords. You need to sign in with your google ads Gmail account to use it appropriately.
  • Using this tool you can get new keywords for your content with search volume. It helps you to analyze deeply about your ranking content.

3. Google Search Console ( free tool -> google -> google crawling)

Google Search Console

  • Google aims to show relevant information to the users based on the search queries. But how does Google show relevant information to the user? google used creators’ content to show relevant information to the user.
  • Suppose you write a blog on a particular topic that tells users about a “food recipe”, But how does Google knows about your content you need to tell Google about the content. which you write.
  • So, for this problem google created a tool where creators can easily index their news articles or web pages. For every creator who writes informative blogs. they need to index their particular web pages of a website or a blog post on a topic.
  • This platform helps creators to establish a bridge connection between their webpages and Google crawlers to index their content in the google search is a great way to tell Google about your content.
  • When someone submits their content in the google search console. So, Google crawlers can easily find the content as per the user’s search queries. this tool is free we don’t need to pay any amount to submit a website to a search engine.
  • When someone searches on google about your blogpost or related to your blogpost topic google probably shows your result if your content is SEO based.

So this is how Google shows the relevant information to the users.

4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

  • This tool is also one of the major and useful tools for digital marketing agencies. It helps to analyze your web pages or website. this particular platform helps you to analyze your visitors or audience who interact with your websites.
  • How Google analytics work:-This tool works in three major steps first it collects data then compiles data and then generates user-friendly reports as per the data. It collects data from your website through javascript code that you embed in your website.
  • This tool is free for everyone and it is also a google product. this tool analyses your website traffic, and your audience information such as which browser they used, device type, operating system, and traffic source.
  • Every time a visitor visits your web pages the js code triggers and analyses the all user activity.js code as the tracking code. tracking code fetches different types of data from web pages.
  • After fetching data it organized data in a good manner that we called a compilation of data. after compilation of data, it generates user-friendly reports. Reports are those which help us to analyze how our audience interacts with our content. How they spent their time on our websites.

5. AHref


  • Ahref is one of the most advanced tools in digital marketing tools in helps to rank your content, with the help of this tool you make SEO strategies for your content. This tool is also known as the best keyword explorer
  • It helps you to put keywords in the right place in your content. It also suggests where you need to improve your content based on your website ranking. This platform gives you a proper analysis of your website.
  • You can also analyze your competitor’s website through this gives you detailed information about any website, such as the global volume of the website, search volume, clicks, CPC rates, ranking keywords, etc.
  • You can find some keyword ideas as per your niche from this particular is best for keyword research. you can track your website ranking on a particular search engine such as google, bing, etc.
  • This tool is a paid tool because it gives you detailed and in-depth information about any website. from this tool, you can find some great keyword ideas per your phrase word using the internal filters of this tool.

6. Mailchimp


  • This tool is for email management and email marketing. This is used to send emails, shortlist email subscribers, and successful email campaigns. you can easily manage your email list through this tool.
  • This tool is a very incredible and powerful tool to do a successful email marketing campaign. You can use this tool for personal uses also, for brand work, or as a fundraiser for an online store or a small business.
  • With the help of the simple drag-drop features of this tool. you can create some awesome design templates to generate leads from your audience. this tool will also help you to increase your reader’s engagement and a better experience.
  • Mailchimp is a fantastic marketing tool not only because they have always been a really good resource for email marketing, but now they are adding more features such as it allows you to make an entire website, run google ads, etc.
  • You don’t have to download any software for this is working online. this tool includes a free+premium version. So, you can buy the premium version for better results and successful sales marketing.

7. Tube buddy and vidIQ

Tube buddy

  • Tube buddy and vidIQ both tools are used for video marketing. which is an essential part of digital marketing. both tools are used as chrome extensions. It helps creators to find trending topics in videos.
  • It helps to analyze competitor growth as well as suggests you make content quality content.
  • These tools are mainly use for keyword research for video because for video marketing we need keyword research and trending topics to boost videos.
  • These tools also suggest to you how you need to improve your content as per your content quality.

8. Coschedule


  • This is one of the best digital marketing tools. This tool will help you to organize companies’ marketing efforts. With the help of this tool, you can boost up sales of a company or for personal use as well.
  • It allows you to work together with your teammates to create a particular task or event for group work. It gives you access to assign your work to other professionals of your company or with your partners.
  • You can edit together by using the built-in editor in this tool. So you never miss your schedule. This tool helps you a lot in your profession even in the digital marketing profession it is very useful for creators.

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