What is Digital Marketing and How does it work? |Types, Examples, Concepts, Advantages

Generally, Digital marketing refers to the advertising, or delivered something digitally with the help of different kinds of digital channels like the largest search engine google, websites, blogs, Social media platforms, etc.
As we all know people are enjoying investing their time online. So, marketers also need to switch the way to promote services and products. They need to try digital marketing strategies to promote their products.
In the Digital world marketers have the opportunity to create relevant and personalized content. That helps to establish deep connections between customers and the brands.

Digital Marketing Explain with Examples

It is also recognised as internet marketing and we can say online marketing. When we hear  the word marketing, we can easily understand that it promotes something like products, services, brands, etc.

Its simply means that, marketing of any kind of product or service that involves any kind of  electronic assets, and many others digital communication. It includes social media marketing, email marketing , search engine optimization , google ads ,Facebook ads and many others advanced  ways to promote digitally.

When we do marketing efforts of products and services through any digital media, we can say that this is Digital Marketing. Digital media includes social media platforms and many other websites.

Let’s take a real time examples to understand in deep:-

  • In our day to day life we are doing many things over the internet such as watching videos, buying something online, playing games, etc.
  • You go to amazon.com, or any other ecommerce websites and see any product but you have not purchased that & then you go Facebook and start seeing ads of that product. Not even on Facebook you will see ads of that product when you search on google about anything.
  • On Google you search something. There are paid ads too, on the top of the result. These are the paid advertisements of any product or services.
  • You watching any YouTube video. There is an ad between the videos. These ads we call promotional ads.

Digital Marketing Types

Types of Digital Marketing

In Internet Marketing there are many concepts to make digital marketing successful. It is just like a mixed up of everything. With each concept having its unique importance in the marketing.
Let’s talk about the following concepts in detail.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) : 

One of the best-specialized concepts of online marketing. It helps to rank our website organically on the different search engines such as Google search engine, Bing search engine, etc. This concept works on the keywords of your website or content. It helps you to optimize your content to rank organically & reach out to your right audience.

SEO categories in three different process:

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO 
  • Technical SEO

Pay Per Click (PPC) / Search Engine Marketing :

When we search any query on google. We see two types of results:paid and organically . That is paid results called the PPC model. In this model we get paid traffic from search engines. This type of result shows on the top of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) with an Ad label from the beginning of the site title.

Email Marketing : 

This is a very powerful concept of internet marketing. This is a highly effective digital marketing strategy to build a subscribers list and send promotional emails to the right audience. With the help of this concept we can achieve effective sales on our business. Email marketing also helps to build a real audience who are interested in purchasing our services or products.

Content Marketing : 

Over the internet content is the key of digital marketing. We found content in many different ways  such as in text form, in video , infographics, etc. So, content marketing helps us to describe the content on different platforms. For e.g. : On websites everyone  provides content in text format, on YouTube, content in video format.

Social Media Marketing :

Social media marketing plays a crucial role to build online presence. Whether it is personal or professional brands. Through SMM we can run ads on different social media platforms to promote our product and business. 

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is the concept of generating income by promoting other products or services. With the help of affiliate marketing you can earn up to 50%  to 80% commission on different products. This concept works with the help of mediators called affiliate networks. The mediators are between vendors and affiliates.
Vendors :- Vendors are the one who are the owners of the product.
Affiliates :- Affiliates are the one who are looking to  promote the product.


The drop-ship model is a very trendy concept in digital marketing. In the drop-ship model there are three people: one is digital marketer, second is customer and third is the supplier. Digital marketer builds an online store. Then he can buy products from suppliers  at a cheap price and list them in an online store at any relevant price of that product.

Digital Marketing Advantages

There are multiple  benefits of it . Some of the following are here.

Global reach :- Through the Internet Marketing. We can reach a larger audience over the internet. Can reach to different country audiences through digital marketing. We don’t need to present ourselves physically, we can promote our services and business in any region all over the world.

Real Data analysis :- We can easily track our user activity. With the help of digital marketing tools (analytics) we can also measure how our audience interacts with our services or content. It is a very effective way to track our audience behaviour in reference to our services. It helps us to analyse real time viewers on our websites.

Cost-Effective:- It is the one of cost-effective strategy to promote small business. It is not that expensive. It gives a chance to small business owners to grow up in less time.

Brand Awareness:- It helps to build your online presence and brand awareness on social media platforms. You can interact with your audience while sharing posts on your social media handles.

Higher conversion rates:- Through online marketing it is easy to convert leads into sales as compared to traditional marketing. Higher chance to make clients.

Target the right audience:-  As we know in online marketing it is easy to catch user behaviour regarding our services. So,we can easily target the right audience through digital ads as per the user interest. 

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Traditional Vs Digital Marketing

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