How to start a digital marketing agency in India

If you are looking to start a digital marketing agency in India in 2022. So, you are in the right place. here you get the proper business plan to start an online business from scratch.

For example, “how you can start a business”, “how you can grow up”, and “how you can approach your clients” all questions arise when starting a new business. You don’t need to overthink.

I think we all agree that most businesses today are moving online, and most business is done through online transactions. Let’s understand what we will cover in this article. First of all, let me give you some ideas about what a digital marketing agency is! A digital marketing agency is an online business that focuses on digital services or even creating its own digital products. 

Digital marketing is a broad industry. So, let me discuss some popular ideas of business you can start with this article. A website design agency, SEO company, online advertising company, Facebook ads agency, social media marketing business, content writing services, app developers, etc. 

Here you will get a useful guide to starting an online business. You just need to read out the full article.

Educate yourself

If you want to start your own online marketing agency. So, I advise you, first of all, you should learn the skills that you want to start a business. For example, if you are thinking of starting a digital marketing agency. So, all you need to know about digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a broad industry. If you are eager and passionate about starting a digital marketing agency. I highly recommend you. Get proper knowledge first and then apply it. A successful digital marketing agency depends on the skill set of the team members and the owner of the company.

Most people start online marketing agencies without knowledge to earn quick money. Those agencies closed in 1-2 years. The reason for the failure of those agencies is that they do not have proper knowledge; They cannot convince a client for a project. They have no idea how to make successful business proposals for their clients.  

So, before starting a new business. We should have the proper knowledge. You can learn digital marketing online. There are many platforms which provide you with the best knowledge. Apart from technical knowledge, you should have management and customer relationship management skills. 

Steps to build a digital marketing agency in India

After learning digital marketing skills, it’s time to apply them. I covered all the information in this article in just three significant steps. 

Website planning and building

Attractive brand name

Think of your brand name as something easy to remember and catchy. Your brand needs to have a relevant name as your work. You can spend a good time brainstorming to choose;the right name for your company.

When you are choosing a name for your company. So, You can think about the things you love, the places you like, your interests, etc. 

Note:- Never use brand names or variations of an existing company. It is challenging to beat the competitors. This does not bode well for your company’s long-term growth. 

Buy a domain and hosting. 

  • Domain name

Once you have decided on your brand name. Buy a domain name from any service provider that suits you. Many hosting & domain providers are available on the internet, like Godaddy, Hostinger, Namecheap, etc.

These service providers are best for new businesses. It gives you hosting and domain at an affordable price. 

There are a lot of extensions on the internet for business. I highly recommend you to buy .com or country extensions like (.in, co.UK, .ca, etc). All these extensions are best for business purposes.

  • Web Hosting plan

After choosing a domain name, buying a hosting plan is very important. The hosting provider offers a variety of hosting plans. Such as cloud hosting, shared hosting and dedicated hosting etc.

If you are starting your small business. A shared or cloud hosting plan is best for you. This type of hosting plan is best for small businesses.

You can buy a domain and hosting from Bluehost, big rock, etc. 

Build a professional website

After buying a domain and hosting, now it’s time to build a good looking & professional website. A website is essential for starting a new business in the digital marketing industry.

Build a great looking agency website using a new WordPress theme. Use a theme focused on digital online agencies. Use your creative mindset and skills to create a website that attracts users. 

Registration of taxation of company 

Register your digital marketing agency. It is very essential to follow the rules. Register your company as per government norms. Follow all the guidelines related to your business. 

In India, there are various types of registration of the company as follows:

  • Private limited company:-  

93% of the company is registered as a Private Limited Company in India. This type of registration is best for companies that have multiple partners and want limited liabilities. This registration process requires more documents as compared to other methods.

  • Sole proprietorship firm :- 

This type of registration is recommended for those who want to start a company alone and want complete business ownership.

  • Limited liabilities partnership(LLP) firm :- 

If your company has multiple partners, you do not want to share unlimited liabilities like a partnership firm. So, LLP registration is for you. The liability of each partner is limited to the investment in the company.

  • Taxation :- 

Taxation is different for all companies as per their services. For an online marketing agency. The tax depends on your transaction in a whole financial year. Let’s suppose you received 2.5 lakhs in an entire financial year. Then you need to file an income tax. 

Note:- I recommend for you please consult with a professional CA to understand the taxation process for a digital marketing company 

Business aspects of a company

Create your brand 

Create something that when people see your specific colour, they will know it’s your website. For example, when people see the amazon website. They know the white and black colour combination in e-commerce style.

Whichever company website you are going to visit has the exact same brand. Like Android, Apple, etc., all use their own brand colours and structure to create a unique brand.

Importance of branding

You can integrate any colours which you want to use. In online agency websites, one to two colours are enough to use while making a website. Branding of a website creates an imaginary look of your website in users’ minds. It is beneficial for companies.  

Branding is essential as follows these factors;

  • Easily recognisable 
  • Engage your audience 
  • Target the right audience
  • Improves user experience

Define the niche of your online marketing agency

Defining a niche and specialisation of your company is a must. It gives users an understanding of who you are & what kind of services you provide. 

Online marketing agencies provide various types of services.

Such as:- 

  • Website designing 
  • App development
  • SEO 
  • Organic traffic 
  • Paid advertising 
  • Lead generation 
  • Video marketing 
  • Content marketing strategies 
  • Content writing 
  • Online business reputation management

How you should accept payments

In the digital marketing business. There are lots of agencies in India that charge high costs. I suggest never competing with other agencies on price. You should accept payments as you provide value to your clients.

Digital marketing agencies are using various payment models for clients. Select a reliable payment model which is suitable for your agency and clients.

Some of the popular payment models are there;

  • One time payments
  • Fixed monthly charged
  • Service charge + ads budget 
  • Performance-based charges

Marketing of an online services company in India.

If you want to make your agency the best digital marketing agency in India. So you should start marketing your own company. Marketing is the second most essential factor of every new business. Marketing any business and service can help you reach out to the right customers. Before applying the marketing strategy, you should know your audience. 

Internet marketing gives a speedup of workflow for your business. In marketing strategy, you can use paid marketing and organic marketing.Paid marketing gives you better results in a short time. On the other hand, organic marketing of any business takes too much time to grow that business.

For business marketing purposes, you can use some marketing tools. Such as for Mailchimp and many other email marketing tools. These tools will help you to get clients for different projects. 

Develop your team

One person cannot achieve great success. The success of a company or online agency depends on the team members. Start building your team to achieve great success. 

Always choose those people who are creative, strategic, and passionate about their goals. Build a positive environment between your team members. Allow your team members to learn and grow. It helps your company grow.


If you are willing to start a digital marketing business in India. This is a good step towards your future. If you want to include your agency under top digital marketing agencies in India. So you follow all those steps which I have given in this article.

If you want to run a successful digital marketing agency, you should learn, adapt, and implement new strategies in the digital marketing industry.

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