Top 7 (SEO)Search Engine Optimization Tools in 2022

When we start writing blogs for websites. We don’t know how the Google search engine works, and how we can write valuable content for our audience. There are many search engine optimization tools for beginners, which help you in increasing the ranking of your site.

In this blog, I have shared the best 7 SEO tools for beginners. Surely you will get the right information from this blog post. After reading this article you will be able to rank your website using these search engine optimization tools.

As a beginner, we should not depend too much on tools.

1. SEOquake Extension

SEOquake is one of the great search engine optimization tools provided by semrush. This tool is basically in the form of a chrome extension but this chrome extension is very helpful for all bloggers.

I would like to give first priority to this tool as it is very helpful to check the ranking of content. We can find out our content ranking on the search engine page through this special extension.

This little Chrome extension is far more powerful. This is a very powerful tool for every digital marketer. This tool provides complete details of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). You can select different parameters in this extension as per your requirement.

2. Woorank  

Woorank is an SEO analysis and marketing tool that can help you get high traffic online. It mainly works to enhance the On-page SEO of any web page. The tool is available in both extension and website formats. This tool is best for analyzing SEO factors.

It gives you suggestions to improve the performance of your website. Woorank has provided you with everything that is right for your website. It also works in browser extensions like Chrome extension. You just need to search any query on google and visit the website. Then just click on Extensions. It will give you all analysis reports within a minute.

Majorly shows three types of parameters such as, passed, to improve, and errors. It provides you a detailed analysis report on each on-page SEO factor.

Eg:- Mobile speed, URL resolving, XML sitemap, robots.txt, etc.

It gives you complete documentation to resolve particular errors. Can solve all the errors on your website like 404 errors, DMARC, etc. It also shows you all off-page factors. Eg:- Backlinks Score, Backlinks Counter, Referring Domain, etc.

3. Siteliner 

Siteliner is a free service that lets you explore your website, revealing the key issues affecting your site’s quality and search engine rankings. It is mainly used to check duplicate content.

This tool checks multiple issues at one time. Such as: 

  • Duplicate content
  • Broken links 
  • Page power
  • Reports

As we all know in the blogging carrier or in the digital world. Duplicate content is a barrier in website ranking. Google never ranks duplicate content on the search engine result page (SERP). 

Siteliner also gives you a complete analysis of broken links in your site. Broken links do not want your website to be indexed in search engines. If your website contains broken links. It creates difficulty for your website. When the crawler reaches your website, it bounces back. It never indexes your website in search engines

All you need to do is enter the website URL in to check for content duplication and other factors. It analyzes your website and generates a quality report. You can easily understand the report.


4. Similar web 

It is the best of all search engine optimization tools. This tool is great for all digital marketers and bloggers. It provides you with details on which factors you need to work on more.

SimilarWeb provides you with 9 different types of factors, which helps you to analyze your website with your competitor’s website. It also provides you with a detailed analysis of your site.

9 factors or features are shown by similar web:

  • Engagement (Visits, Time on site, Page views, Bounce rate)
  • Monthly visits and traffic sources.
  • Site rankings (country, Industry, and worldwide).
  • Top countries
  • Top 10 Referring/ Destination sites
  • Related App store / Google play Apps
  • Similar sites
  • Top 10 paid and organic search keywords
  • Top social Networks

All these factors help you in improving the performance and ranking of your website. You can also analyze your competitor’s sites, and put more effort to increase your ranking on search engines.

Add a Chrome extension of Similar Web. You can check performance is reliable without visiting your website. All you need to do is activate the extension when you are done analyzing the website.

5. Answerthepublic

Everyone wants to rank their website in search engines. So, for the ranking of any article or website. We need strong keyword research that includes long-tail keywords with high traffic. is one of the best search engine optimization tools ever to find the best long-tail keywords. This is a search tool to find out what people are asking on Google.

As we all know that we need to write an article on that topic. Which users are searching on Google. So this tool is very helpful in finding the questions that people are looking for.

Simple you have to go to and enter a particular keyword or phrase. You will find many different topics and question formats and comparison formats that can help you rank your article.

6. SEO Site Checkup 

SEO Site Checkup is also a search engine optimization tool. The features of this tool are similar to Woorank. All you need to do is enter the URL of the website, and then it will generate a complete analysis report of your website.

This tool analyzes your website and provides you with reports. The report includes how SEO-friendly your website is, it shows the SEO score of a website. We can download the complete report in PDF format.

This tool is amazing for SEO optimization of content. This tool shows all the essential factors that are needed to improve the SEO score of your website. Factors like title length, meta description, h1 title, etc.

It gives you a complete overview of the site, such as speed, backlinks checker, mobile usability, advanced SEO, etc. It shows you all the errors on your website, and also gives a report on how to resolve the errors.

7. MOZ 

Moz is basically used for research purposes. It is also known as a link analysis tool. This is mainly used to track or analyze site backlinks.

It also gives you detailed information about particular sites. such as; Site’s domain authority, linking domain, inbound links, ranking keywords, and many other factors.

One of the best tools for backlink analysis. It can show how many links you have lost. It gives you complete detailed information about your backlinks performance. You can also analyze nofollow and dofollow links in this tool.

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