Best way to make money online with NFTs in 2022

Best way to make money with NFTs

You are definitely looking for the best way to make money with NFT. Don’t worry; we are here to provide you with a proper detailed guide to tell you how you can generate online income with NFTs.

On the internet, there are many popular ways to make money online.This article shares one of the best ways to generate high income. That is NFTs. 

NFT is an excellent and trending way to earn money in 2022, not only in 2022 but in upcoming years. After 2020 NFTs have become a trendy method to earn money. 

If you are an artist or designer that creates some form of digital assets,It makes you understand how others make money through NFTs.

You may hear about the news from Vodafone.They announced an auctioning of the world’s first SMS on non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

Now the company has announced that a person who paid 107,000 euros for the first communication protocol of a short message. Memorialise, as NFT.

In this article, you will get the knowledge from a beginner level. Such as what an NFT is, how you can make NFTs, which is the best way to make money by NFTs, etc. 

So, invest your time in increasing your key skills and creating unique digital artworks.

You can earn money by selling them as an NFT on a different marketplace dedicated to the NFTs marketplace.

The first step to making money through NFTs is understanding them in detail. We’ll provide you with a great explanation about NFTs in simple language.

How can you create NFTs for free and earn royalty income by selling them?

Let’s First, you all need to know What NFTs are.

What is an NFT?

what is an  NFT
what is an NFT

Here NFT stands for Non- fungible Token. Now there are two key terms: the first is Non- fungible and the second is token.

Now, let me introduce the first key term, which is Non-fungible. So, fungible means replaceable & the meaning of Non- fungible means non-replaceable.

In simple terms, something is unique and is not replaceable with other assets or things. That is non-fungible. 

All digital artwork and any digital assets are non-fungible assets because all digital artwork or assets are unique and grab some worth for it.  

In 2022, the growth of NFTs will increase, with sales hitting $2.5billion in the first half of the year.

Let’s understand Kohinoor diamond, Tajmahal, the original Monalisa painting created by Leonardo da Vinci, etc.

All things are unique, and all are non-replaceable in the world. That’s why they are included in Non-fungible assets.

Now try to understand better with a real-life example:

I hope you understand the meaning of the first key term, “Non-fungible”.

You all have many assets which are non-fungible such as photos, artwork, songs, and any character you draw. 

All things are unique. So create NFTs for those assets and earn money by selling them.

Now, let’s understand the meaning of the second key term, “token”.

What is a token?

The Token is just like a patent or certificate of ownership.

Let’s suppose you create a digital sketch and want to sell it to the client, but how will you prove the sketch is yours?

So, here is the certificate or Token to help you to prove to your client that the sketch is yours.

The Token is a certificate that helps to find or identify the owner of a particular sketch, drawing, or any assets.

When you create any artwork, music, video, photo, etc., when you sell it or buy it on the NFT marketplace.

So you will not get any digital assets. You will get only the Token that helps you prove the product’s ownership or assets.

This Token or certificate of ownership is called NFT(Non- fungible Token).

How to generate passive income by NFT

An NFT can sell and buy in exchange for cryptocurrency. You all need to know how this system works. 

Just like bitcoin used blockchain technology. Same as NFT also used blockchain to store the ownership of NFT. 

As I shared with you, every NFT has a uniqueness and an owner who creates that. The most incredible way to earn money by NFT is through resale. 

On every resale of a particular NFT, the owner (creator) gets the commission. That is called passive income. 

Read below there are some best methods to generate high income by NFT. 

How to make money from NFTs?

how to make money from NFT
How to make money from NFTs

There are many ways to make money through NFTs. Here we discussed the best five ways. 

  • Rent Out:-  

This method is prevalent and one of the easiest to make money by NFTs(Non-Fungible Tokens) without losing ownership. 

As you know, it is a digital asset. It cannot be copied. But you can earn money by renting it out.

Renting an NFTs is not a complex process. You lend it to someone for a particular time in exchange for money.

  • Royalties:-

This way is fantastic to make lifetime royalty income from NFTs. in this particular method, you don’t need to do anything.

You just sold your NFT for the first time. And then someone resells your NFTs to anyone. You get a passive income from that. 

In simple terms, you get a commission on every resell of your NFT because you are the developer of that particular asset. 

  • Trade NFTs:-

Instead of reselling or renting out NFTs. You can earn money by trading an NFT. 

Many people in business treat NFT as a stock.

As you know, buying or selling stocks is very easy.

But when it comes to trading NFTs. It is crucial to know which is the right time to sell and buy.

  • NFT gaming:-

In this digital era, it is not an impossible task to earn money by playing video games. 

NFTs are a cryptocurrency used to buy game characters and other items in blockchain-based games.

The price of a crypto cat has reached over $300,000 in some cases. Games that will use cheap NFTs have been released recently.

Making money from NFT with extraordinary knowledge is an outstanding achievement. 

  • Invest in NFT startups:-

Do you think which is the best way to make money by NFTs?

Investing in NFTs startup companies is a great and one of the best ways to generate income through Non-Fungible tokens. 

Many successful NFT startups in the crypto market are showing excellent progress. If you can invest in them, there would be a higher chance for you to make a good income.

As they take their initial steps into a revolutionary future, that would be awesome.

Earning money online is not that much difficult. But the right decision at the right time is much more important. 

How to create an NFT?

how to create an NFT
How to create an NFT

Making an NFT is not as difficult as you might think.Non-fungible tokens have attributes that are unique and irreplaceable. 

The process of making an NFT is called “Minting”.

Here are some following steps to make an NFT for free. 

1. Select your marketplace, create NFT, and link your crypto wallet.

  • Famous NFT Marketplaces

There are many marketplaces for you to choose from. Where you can create, sell, and exchange NFTs.

I recommend you choose the opensea because as a beginner you need to learn first.

This very popular website helps you create NFTs for free, and you can sell them on the NFT marketplace.

The open sea is the first and biggest NFTs marketplace. On this website, people sell and buy their digital assets as NFTs.

This is a comprehensive platform here, competition is very high, but you can learn all the processes of creating, selling and buying digital assets very easily.

Once you select the marketplace, your next step is to “mint” your first NFT. 

In simple terms minting an NFT is the process of converting digital assets into crypto collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain.

2. List your NFT for sell

When you complete the process of creating NFTs now, your next step is to list them to sell.

Using NFT, you can sell a unique digital asset or any artwork which you create by using your talent. 

So Don’t waste your time. Learn some best skills to create unique digital assets. And sell your NFT and start making money.

NFT is assigned for a particular property or asset; it can be anything: a song, painting, artwork, etc.

After learning from this website, you can switch toward low-competition platforms such as ( foundation. app,

There is the best chance on low competition platforms to make money from NFTs.

How to buy and sell NFTs for profit

If you want to sell or buy NFTs for profit.So firstly, you need to explore different NFT marketplaces to understand.

How do people create their NFTs, and which kind of story are they using for creating different artworks?

When you understand how these concepts work so, you can invest in buying other NFTs and reselling with a profit amount. 

Start learning how the marketplace works and which type of artwork is in demand.

How do NFTs work?

NFT tokens are stored on the blockchain. Mainly Ethereum blockchain technology is used to store NFT.

Blockchain is one of the best powerful technology in the world. This is great and secure technology. 

In this blockchain technology, all entries are non-erasebable.

No one can hack blockchain technology.The data stored in the blockchain is not only on your computer. 

The data is stored pair to pair in multiple computers; the information is stored in all computers which are connected to the network.

If someone wants to retrieve your data, they need to hack all the computers to retrieve it, which is impossible. That’s why blockchain is a very secure technology.

In the upcoming years, in education, in banking sector, agriculture, real estate, and virtual reality (metaverse).

All will be used this blockchain technology and make your life very enjoyable.

Many projects will be coming soon, such as metaverse, virtual reality, and web3.0 digital real estate, all based on blockchain technology.

How do people make money from NFTs as an artist?

how do people make money from NFTs as an artist
How to make money from NFTs as an artist

If you are an artist or any kind of design work, you know, you have a great opportunity to make money by selling your artwork as an NFT. 

As an artist, you may have many unique artworks, so you may get a high income by selling them on the NFT marketplace.

As an artist, you know the value of your skill, so explore some NFT marketplace and create something unique and mint them as NFT.

In 2022 or in the upcoming years, making money from NFT is the most incredible way to make money online. 

Some examples of highest NFT sales. 

People take it very seriously. People buy paintings and digital artwork.

Vodafone sells the first SMS for 107k euros. The message was sold for $121,000 as a ‘Non-Fungible Token’ (NFT).

Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, sells their first tweet ownership using NFT. They sold their first tweet as an NFT for $ 2,500,000. 

Many people sell their own artwork ownership using Ethereum cryptocurrency as a Non-Fungible Token.

Some people are shocked when they hear the word cryptocurrency. They think cryptocurrency is a scam. But the truth is this cryptocurrency is best to earn money in 2022.

In the NFTs marketplace, all artwork buy & sell using Ethereum cryptocurrency. Ethereum is a crypto coin just like bitcoin.


The top 5 ways of earning money by NFTs are discussed in this article. All methods discussed in this article are very profitable. 

There will be some new ways to make money in the upcoming years. As you know, investing in anything might be risky. 

So investing in NFTs is also risky, but when you invest in something you learn for the next time, you will invest. 

I hope you now know enough about NFTs.

Write in the comment section if you learn something from this article. 

Frequently Ask Questions

  • Why do people buy NFTs

NFTs is the valuable assets for some people. They analyse how a creator makes this because of the creativity of a creator. 

People spend $69 million to buy their NFTs. and much more. 

  • How to make money with NFTs as a beginner

Suppose you are a beginner in this field. So, you can start from the Opensea NFT platform. Here you can learn all the basic concepts about NFT. 

Such as how to create it, link a crypto wallet, etc.As a beginner, you need to learn first. 

So I recommend you to learn skills that make you a creator. Then you can also make money through the internet.  

  • What’s the best way to make money by NFTs

There are lots of ways to generate high income over the internet.

In the crypto Market, you can earn by different methods in NFTs.

Such as renting NFTs, Reselling NFTs, NFT gaming, etc.

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