How to promote a YouTube video for free

promoting a youtube video for free

If you are thinking of starting a youtube channel. Then this article will be helpful for you when you start a youtube channel. You must have good knowledge about how you can promote a youtube video or channel for free?

One of the most famous online platforms for videos on the internet, YouTube is the best place for creators to share their knowledge in the form of videos.

It is challenging for beginners to grow a youtube channel. We are here to show you how you can promote your videos for free.

Importance of Youtube marketing

Youtube is the second largest search engine after google. 2 billion monthly users use youtube to watch videos. A large number of people are using youtube. Video marketing is becoming popular.

YouTube Marketing can use to showcase products to the right audience. You can show your product directly instead of telling them. This is the best way to promote videos and your products on youtube. 

More than 80% of people are convinced by video to buy a product. Using YouTube, you can convert your visitors into customers.

Best organic ways to promote a youtube video for free 

There are many ways to promote YouTube videos for free. You can get more views without paying for advertising. That is, through organic YouTube promotion. Many creators are unaware of organic promotion. There are many organic ways to increase the ranking of your videos.

Let’s understand all the steps of organic promotion of youtube videos:- 

Publish Engaging Video Content Constantly

It is very easy to make engaging videos for your audience. You need to analyze your channel deeply. How your content is performed?

If you want to make your video viral. So you should make a video that people like to watch. It can be educational videos, vines videos, comedy videos etc.

When people watch your videos, they can also share your videos. Indirectly they promote your youtube videos for free. This makes your video viral when peoples share videos.

Your videos should be engaging. Otherwise, it can be difficult to perform better in front of other YouTubers. 

Your video must include at least one of the following:- to engage more audience

  • Useful 
  • Informative
  • Or entertaining

If you want to perform better than another youtube channel. Then, you should publish videos regularly on your channel. It doesn’t mean posting daily.

Make your schedule to launch 1 to 3 videos weekly. This can have a massive impact on your channel. When you start publishing videos continuously on your channel. You can get more views.

Optimize Your Videos for SEO

  • Think about your main keyword

Before making engaging content, you should do perfect keyword research on that keyword or phrase term that can rank your video.

You can do keyword research using popular tools like vidIQ, Tubebuddy, etc.

For example, let’s say you’re making a video about a product selling on youtube. Then, you might want to rank your video on a particular keyword. Something like “how to sell product on youtube”.

That means “how to sell product on youtube” will be your keyword. Maybe your video will be visible in search results when people search this keyword. 

  • Add your focus keyword to your content.

It’s time to make a video. Your video should include your primary keyword.

This means that your main keyword should be in your video script. Youtube analyzes your videos and finds out what you say in your videos.

So, when you are saying keywords in your video. You are showing youtube that your video content includes everything about that keyword.

Then YouTube starts promoting your videos for free. When your content includes helpful information about a particular topic.

  • Create a catchy title that includes the keyword

Create an attractive and SEO friendly title. Don’t forget to include your main keywords in the video’s title.

You can use two different languages ​​in your video title, Hindi and English. This increases your chances of seeing your video in search results. When people search in different languages.

For example:- You can make your video title like “How to sell product on youtube in Hindi” to fit the keyword perfectly. 

add primary keyword in title & description
  • Add the keyword to the description and the tags.

If you want to promote a youtube video organically. Then your video description should contain your main keywords. Write an accurate description of your video which you describe in your video.

Include your main keyword in the tag. It helps viewers to find your video. This is a different way to show YouTube that your video content fits those keywords.

  • Create an attractive thumbnail for your video

An attractive thumbnail is part of SEO. a good thumbnail is useful for you. It makes the audience excited to click on your video. 

Always make a custom thumbnail, and don’t use more text in your thumbnail. Never use fancy fonts. Use bright colors in the text. 

As you can see, these all steps are simple to do and absolutely free of cost to promote youtube videos. In return, you will get a high-quality result. 

Use YouTube Analytics

If you want to promote your youtube videos for free and systematically. Therefore, you should analyze your channel with youtube analytics tool. And check how your videos are performing. you can use some third party tools to analyze your channel

If your current strategy is working to promote your youtube videos. Then you can continue with the same strategy, and try to create more effective strategies to boost channel growth.

Analyze more information about your audience, such as audience location, age, gender etc. Then make your content more useful to those types of audiences.

If you want to create viral content. Then you should analyze your content by date. And see on which date you get more views and subscribers. On that date which type of video you have published. Try to make that type of content.

Let’s suppose you collaborate with another YouTuber. And run a cross-promotion campaign.To analyze more deeply, you can use youtube analytics, and check how it affected your’s channel performance.

Post YouTube Livestreams

People prefer to watch live videos instead of normal videos.

This is the best way to interact with your audience face to face. It helps you to grow your channel. This can increase your number of subscribers and views.

add youtube live stream

Live streams provide you the best opportunity to interact with your followers or subscribers. Through live streams, you can increase your views and engagement on videos.

Youtube Live, is easy to manage. You can go live with your mobile phone as well. 

Some ideas to get started in your Livestream 

  • Milestone celebration
  • Live tutorials
  • QnA session
  • Webinars
  • Product launching

Add Your YouTube Videos to Your Website

If you are a beginner in the youtube industry and have a personal website. You can add your youtube videos to your website. Add videos in the form of a feed, or you can add sidebar widgets. This way can increase your channel awareness. 

add youtube video to website

Anyone who visits your website will engage your videos. Interested people will subscribe to your channel to get the latest videos.

This is a free and effective way to promote a youtube video. You will get more views and subscribers from your website. And your viewers can watch your videos and subscribe to your channel from the website. 

Cross-Promote With Other Channels

Cross-promotion means that your video can be featured on other YouTube channels. This way, your content gets high to reach. This is a way to promote your youtube channel by another youtube channel.

This is the best technique to grow your channel in less time. Cross-promotion will help you to get more views and subscribers.

This way, you can reach new audiences by marketing your content. They can turn into your long-term subscribers.

Promote a youtube video on the different social media platforms

In this guide, I will tell you the best ways to promote your youtube videos without any single piece of money. We’re here to discuss some free tips, using social media and the power of the internet to promote your video.

If you want to grow your audience. Then this method is grateful for you. You can reach lots of people by promoting on various types of social media platforms. 

promote a yotube video on social media

It is easy to maintain a social media account. You should link your youtube channel with your social media networks. 

It is very easy to share your content on social media platforms. You share a link for your videos on social media sites, like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. 

You can post your short snippets on the social site of your long youtube video. It makes users excited to watch the full video; then, they must visit your channel. 

5 Tips for promoting videos on social media for free. 

  • Use strong CTA.
  • Create a good description for your videos.
  • Use a catchy title and include your keywords.
  • Make sure your profile should be public.
  • Post different types of content on social media platforms.

Promote a youtube video with google ads 

There are many ways to promote youtube videos for free. Free things take time to show results. So here is the best alternative to get a high traffic source. That is paid advertising through google ads. 

In paid advertising, you can run different ads campaign for a particular video. In google ads, you can run search ads, video ads, and banner ads to promote a youtube video. 

You can reach your target audience with paid advertising. Advertising can make visible your video in search engines. You can run ads on different social media platforms. Such as FbAds, Instagram ads, etc.

While launching ads, you can add a solid call to action(CTA). It can attract users to click on ads. And they can easily visit your video or channel.


I hope you have understood all the organic ways to promote youtube videos for free. All methods are natural. You can use these methods and get results in a few days. I suggest you to be regular and consistent with your work. You will get great success. Good luck to you.

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