Why You Really Should Be Using Pinterest For Business?

Have you ever kept a collection of things in a scrapbook during school time? Or have you collected some exciting things on a bulletin board or even on your refrigerator door with magnets. So, today we recall your childhood memory with technology. Today, we are talking about an online platform and where this kind of thing happened. The platform name is Pinterest

I know you have heard about this platform before, but in today’s blog post, we will talk about how this platform is helpful for business growth and how we can use Pinterest for business purposes! 

This blog post includes all things about Pinterest. What is Pinterest? Why should we use Pinterest for business? And much more about it.  So please read this blog very carefully and grab knowledge from it. If you are interested to know more about Digital marketing things. So, you can read our previous blogs.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an online social media platform. It is like an online version of a scrapbook. Where we can manage all interest collections of photos and videos onboard, this social media platform helps you to find & organize pictures, ideas, etc. 

We can arrange a series of boards and pins and other interesting things. Pinterest pins include photos, videos, drawings, animation, website links and more. There are millions of different topics on boards on Pinterest.

Why should you use Pinterest for business?

There are lots of reasons to use Pinterest as a business marketing tool. People like to use Pinterest. You can use it to show things you want. To find inspiration for art and decorating. To find new recipes to try. You can use it to discover travel destinations.

People are using this platform for business. They can even use Pinterest to advertise and promote themselves to potential customers. It provides organic traffic to your website or any kind of business landing page.

Pinterest is becoming popular because it gives results. Anyone who is working on Pinterest for their business gets results. Pinterest is much more effective than other social media platforms.

  • 100 % Free to use. 
  • Versatile.
  • Keep your online life well organized.
  • Fewer privacy issues as compared to other social media platforms.

How does Pinterest work?

4 steps to use Pinterest for business purposes

  1. Sign-up on Pinterest.com
  2. Create your own custom boards
  3. Add pins to the boards you’ve created
  4. Connect your Pinterest account to other social media platforms

Purpose of Pinterest for Business

As we all know, Pinterest is a social media platform, Where we can share our thoughts in different ways. Pinterest is a perfect social platform for marketing purposes. It gives you two types of options while creating your account. First, You can create a standard personal account. Second, you can create a business profile to manage everything.

In a business account, you can track your audience, and many other features are also available in the business account. Pinterest is the best internet marketing platform to scale up the local business, As compared to other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Pinterest is on the top in terms of global reach as compared to other social media platforms. If we applied a good online marketing strategy on this platform. So, we can get impressive results. Almost 64% of Pinterest marketers used this platform and generated millions of dollars.

Steps to use Pinterest marketing for business

Create your own marketing strategy

  • Setting your bright business objectives. Make strategies to drive the audience to your website or landing page.
  • Learn about how you can target an audience as specific as your brand.
  • Try to Find out the general Pinterest audience and demographics that really like to use this platform.
  • Analyze your competitor and what they are doing on this platform.
  • Discover the keywords which help you to target a specific audience.


  • Sharing content on per daily basis is much more effective than sharing content weekly or monthly. This means pins regularly ensure your business gets a wider audience.
  • Add CTA (call to action) in your pins. Connect to your website and other social media platforms.
  • Double-check the links which you linked to your pins.
  • The caption should match your visual content.

Use different pins formats for business growth

  • Pinterest is not all about sharing images. As we all know, content on Pinterest can share in different formats if you are using Pinterest for business purposes. So, I suggest you use all formats of sharing content on Pinterest.
  • Sharing content in a video format can encourage the audience. It can increase traffic to your landing page or website. You can share a carousel format to engage more audience. And even if you have your own e-commerce store. So, you can redirect the audience to the e-commerce page and sell your products.
  • Consider posting how-to pins or some motivational and inspirational Pinterest boards. It helps you to provide fun and valuable content to your audience.

Pin attractive, Capitative content on Boards

Pinterest is a platform where you can share content in a visual format. If you want to use Pinterest for business purposes. It means you should produce high quality and engaging content for your target audience.

How can you make attractive pins?

  • Vertical image representation: Research shows that almost users use Pinterest on their mobile devices. So, create your content as mobile-friendly to avoid cropped images.
  • Make descriptive content: Description is all about your content. One of the most important parts of online content delivery. A good description helps you to improve the SEO of your post. 
  • Descriptive headings: A catchy title or headings grab user attention. Data shows that 80% of Pinterest users show their interest. When they read the interesting headlines, make Clear and concise headings.
  • Avoid low-quality images & videos: This platform is all about sharing content in visuals. It means the content is shared through images and video format. We need to avoid pixelation. So use high-quality images and videos as Pinterest recommends.

Optimize Pins for SEO

  • Pinterest is becoming a search engine where users search for different queries. If you are using Pinterest for business purposes. So, make sure your business pins should visible on the search result page. Your pins are visible when users search queries related to your pins.
  • It can happen when your pins are well SEO optimized. For this, you should use keywords in your pin’s description on boards and captions. Instead of copy others’ content, Making your own content can also scale up Pinterest SEO.
  • You can use Rich pins, which can obtain directly from your website. While sharing content on Pinterest, keep the target audience in your mind. Make it relevant and educational content for your target audience.

Pinterest marketing for business

Pinterest marketing very essential to scale up new business ideas. Every marketing strategy has categories in two ways. One is organic marketing, and the second is paid marketing.

Organic marketing takes time to generate traffic for your business. In Organic marketing, there are a variety of factors, such as On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Social Media Marketing, Blog posts, etc. All are used in organic marketing for brand awareness. It takes time to get the result as compared to paid marketing. 

Paid marketing of Pinterest for business purposes

If you are using Pinterest for business growth. So, I highly recommend you use Pinterest ads for the marketing of your business. Pinterest paid ads are able to drive the right audience to your business.

One more successful way to marketing of small businesses is through Pinterest Ads. It provides an opportunity for advertisers to target paid ads with the help of keywords, interests and other analytic categories.

Paid ads are included in Pinterest marketing. It helps to boost sales and conversion rates. Through Pinterest advertising, we can target a particular group of audience. Such as:

  • Users who have already visited your landing page or website.
  • People who have engaged with your rich pins.
  • We can target a custom audience list, for e.g. newsletter subscribers.

How to create a business account on Pinterest?

To target the right audience on Pinterest, you should create your Pinterest business account. Even you can convert a standard account to a business account. There are many benefits to creating a business account on Pinterest. It provides you with Pinterest analytics and other marketing features images are here

Steps to create a business account on Pinterest:

  • First visit on Pinterest.com
  • Now click on the sign-up option
  • Enter your email address and age.
  • Create a strong password. 
  • Choose account type as a business account and create it
  • That’s it; Your business account is ready to operate.


Is Pinterest good for business marketing?

Yes, it is one of the best online social media platforms. It is very helpful for business marketing. This gives you a variety of factors to grow your business through this digital platform.

How can I use Pinterest to promote my business?

You can use Pinterest in two different ways to promote your business. Firstly you can use the organic method to promote your business. Second, you can use paid marketing to promote your business.

Is Pinterest good for small businesses?

Yes, Pinterest is a very effective platform for growing up a small business. You just have to create and share content relevant to your business. You need to target the right audience with the help of sharing beneficial content for your audience. 

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